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Each of us approaches healing and wellbeing differently. Through my own lived experiences I have created a selection of tools, courses and resources to support you through your own journey. Through the waves of life, the ups and the downs, the dark to light, heavy and free, the diversity and polarities of our existence. I am here for you darling, I’ve got you!

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No matter your story, your way of life, beliefs, who you are or how you desire to express yourself ....You are worthy!

Ride your stigma was created for community, connection, a sense of belonging in who you are, and building a wild worthy world within our own lived experiences...

Some values we hold and infuse into our way of BEing at Ride Your Stigma:

Authenticity - Empowerment - Originality - Safety - Honesty - Communication - Ownership - Responsibility - Acceptance - Support - Encouragement - Respect - Love - Empathy - Peace - Unity - Compassion - Vibrancy - Expression - Creativity - Commitment - Consistency - Care - Connection - Joy - Dedication - Laughter Playfulness - Observation - Reflection - Willingness - Humility - Holistic Healing - Realness - Discipline - Inclusion - Openmindedness - Forgiveness - Spontaneity - Adventure - Confidentiality - Diversity - Freedom - Soul Tribe Family

If you are unsure where to start beautiful, I've got you! Click through the 4 areas below to discover where to step next on your journey of development, healing and growth:
Intuitive Healing - Mindset Mentoring - Expressive Dance - Herpes Support

  • Intuitive Healing

    From shadow work, learning to trust yourself, creating safety, strengthening you intuition and spiritual organs, connecting to source, your higher-self and soul-aligned purpose, inner child relationships and generational pass downs, past lives, to breaking free of the repeating cycles and coming into your deepest natural born truth that you already are! Click here to learn more

  • Mindset Mentoring

    Understanding and bringing conscious awareness and effort into transforming our mindset and our thought patterns that rule our lives, how we act, behave, make daily choices, and express our emotions. Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time-Line Therapy techniques releasing past subconscious mind programming, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Brain training transformation and strengthening! Click here to learn more

  • Dance

    The movement of body and energy through music heals us. Allowing us to feel seen and heard in all of our self-expression, our emotions and our own unique stories. Through the movement meditation and language of dance we transcend, heal, and expand into limitlessness, freedom, peace and joy. Expressive Dance Therapy, Twerk Fitness, Sensual Dance. Dance is within all 4 bodies: physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, this is holistic wellbeing brought to you with fun! Click here to learn more

  • Herpes Support

    STI Stigma and the judgment, shame, guilt, embarrassment, resentment, blame, anger and hurt can be absolutely mentally crushing when we are diagnosed with Herpes or any STI! Disclosure tools + tips. Self-love, acceptance, esteem and worth, how it has such a significant impact. Holistic health approaches to life with living with herpes. Understanding the virus and how it works (facts). How to support a loved one who lives with herpes. Click here to learn more

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