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Free Connection Call

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Hey Beautiful Soul!

If you are feeling on the fence about working with me or even reaching out to ask the burning questions, you are going back and forth about whether or not you should invest in that course, workshop, tool or healing. 

You may be feeling those moments of conflict of "fuck yes, let's do this it feels so aligned and its go time!" and the "ahh nah its too hard, too much money, unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or is this even for me? I'll be all good meh I'll just continue as is" 

Feeling that energy of "I don't know but man I really really know!" "I'm so unsure but at the same time I am so sure!"

One day you're all in and the next day your thinking oh shit what am I even doing. But what you do know is my work, content, energy, and vibration keeps coming up in your thoughts and you know deep down that your soul is calling you to open yourself and put in the work!

If your not sure where to start, what you exactly need or what course is calling you most then this is the best place to start!

  • a free 20 minute video call 
  • discovering what you need and want out of our work together
  • getting to know me and what work, healing, support, skills and trainings I offer
  • an overview of program options and which is most aligned & fitted to support you
  • payment options 
  • answering any questions you may have around working with me or investing in yourself through out this deep cleansing and healing journey you are about to open!

I look forward to connecting with you beautiful soul!

    If you are still on the fence / want to learn more about the payment plans I offer please fill out the contact form below or book a free connection call

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