Free Journal Resource "Discovering and Understanding Your Own Spirituality, Beliefs and Intuition!"

Understanding and refinding ourselves again can be a rocky and confusing ride sometimes. There is so many differing beliefs, aspects of spirituality and ways to connect with our spirituality, and everyone of us interprets, feels, percieves and experiences their own intuition differently! We are all unique beings! If you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, unsure, or maybe you just want more clarity within self and your truth, I have created a beautiful free journal resource to support you to dive deeper into discovering and understanding your own Spirituality, Beliefs, and Intuition! There is no one "right" way to do spirituality, only the right way for YOU! I hope you enjoy beautiful!

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Are you ready and willing magical soul?

 We are all souls living through human vessels who get to experience a human experience. We all have deep intuitive gifts within our soul-self, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Some of us choose to strengthen and open our spiritual world and others do not.
If you are asking the question but what is "Intuitive Healing?", there is no one straight answer of what Intuitive Healing is or looks like because it is different for everyone! I believe that through exploring and experiencing this way of being  and what intuitive healing means for ourselves is the best way we can understand what intuitive healing is. Although it is known to be a holistic and alternative and natural approach to healing; emotionally, physically, spirituality and mentally.
Spiritual awakenings are unique to all of us individually, there may be pieces, parts and experiences that we can share, feel and connect together with others but our own spiritual awakening is only ours to understand and feel through our experiences. Riding the waves of ups and downs and feeling the dark as well as the light can be a rocky road at times, so beautiful you are in the right place to connect and walk together with this vibe tribe here at Ride Your Stigma!  

Some healing tools and modalities we can use through intuitive healing:

  • Inner child healing 
  • Shadow integration/healing 
  • Past Lives Healing 
  • Distant Healing 
  • Tarot/Oracle Card Guidance and Support
  • Energy Clearing and Protection
  • Meditation 
  • Life Purpose Discovery 
  • Soul Alignment Work
  • Understanding and Strengthening Your Intuition
  • Developing True Trust with Self, Soul and Universe 
  • Breaking Generational Cycles and Pass Downs
  • Lineage Healing and Resolution
  • Emotional Sickness/Ailment Healing and Understanding
  • Internal Enquiry 
  • Entity Removal 
  • Emotional Expression Healing
  • Mediumship 
  • Meeting & Connection with archangels, angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, star being guides, BEings, creatures, dragons, mermaids, unicorns etc.
  • Soul Tribe Commenities, Connection + Support e.g. Vibe Tribe Transcendence
  • Crystal Healing 
  • Colour Healing 
  • Breathwork
  • Nature and Animal Connections and Relationships
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Some question + answers that may support you...

What is Intuition?

Depending on who you talk to many will have different ways of explaining what intuition is, means, feels like and does. The best way to describe it for me is, that "gut feeling" when we have a sudden or gradual building up feeling inside us that something is going to happen, something is "wrong" or "unsettling" just before something in our reality happens, when we have a "hunch" of a feeling that something is going on in some other location/place/space/time but we may not always be able to put our finger on it but we can feel within our knowing that something is moving, happening, changing, just has changed or is about to change. In other words our intuition is our natural born instincts, feelings, internal knowings and spiritual voice. At times when first learning about our own intuition and intuitive gifts, it may appear to make no logical sense. If a person who is unconscious, has not spiritually awoken, does not believe in intuition or does not wish to tune into their intuition, then it may appear to them that we are "crazy" or this is "unrealistic" "impossible" or "untrue". So on your spiritual journey, exploration and healing it is important to find your soultribe to connect and feel a sense of belonging with! Because darling you are NOT crazy! You are gifted!

What is your inner child?

We all hold the essence of the child that we once were, as you matured your adult self grew up
regardless of not getting all its needs met as a child. But the child aspect of yourself does not
disappear, die, dissolve or go away, it still exists within your internal system. Your inner child
symbolises the core of your emotional self, the raw essence and vulnerability of your personal truth.
The inner child is the piece within your psyche that holds everything related to the child-self,, wonder, creativity, curiosity, innocence, trauma experiences, suppressed
desire/interests/exploration, imagination, childhood memories, patterns/habits in your life.

Why is inner child healing so important?

Trust building with your inner child. Connection strengthening with adult + child self. If we are feeling alone, not enough, or scared; inner child work supports us to heal, create connection, safety, security and love for our inner child and feelings. Relationship problems reflect and relate back to our childhood experiences, understanding this can support us to shift through the problems. It helps us to creating safety and trust in self, others, surroundings, world and universe. Helps to resolve and heal abandonment wounds which can impact all areas of our life. Inner child work can increased and strenghen our self-confidence, self-worth, self-love.

Is it safe to do spiritual/intuitive healing?

Fear and uncertainty can definitely come up for us when we start our spiritual and intuitive healing journey. There is a few reasons why this can happen; fear of judgement for being seen as crazy/hippie/weird/woowoo, hearing mis-perceptions or "scary" "dark" "bad" stories, movies, the uncertainty and fear of what we may open and have to face in the core depth of our healing that we haven't yet known, understood or choosen to avoid/deny/surpress. We sometimes do this as it can be painful grieving through the things we have been through in our past, we also do not want to relive past pains or traumas. Many of us humans do not like to sit in the uncomfortable of the more "negative" emotions, but to heal through these and move into living in more peace, calm, acceptance, happiness and love we need to go through what I like to call "Feeling Into Healing". If we choose to run from these emotions and push them away, they continue to come up for us in different ways over and over again until we give them attention to be felt and heard, so they can release and heal so you can open more freedom and peace for yourself. So yes, Intuitive Healing is powerful and a holistic approach to healing your entire self and way of being. I would definitely recommend in investing in a well trusted healer, mentor, coach, counselor that you feel deeply connected with or resonate with, someone you feel safe and real with, so they can guide and support you and hold safe loving space for you through your healing journey. Spiritual healing is not a one time fix or session approach it is a life long healing journey, and also discovering a soul tribe community that you vibe with and that understands you can be very important and supportive!