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Psychic Reading

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Psychic Reading Options

 Audio Recording & PDF Psychic Reading Includes:

A full card spread of 18 cards in total!

A variety of three different tarot/oracle decks will be used, that I am intuitively guided to use for your reading.  Five cards will be drawn from each of the three decks, and the overlaying card at the bottom will be included in your reading as well (six from each deck in total). 

You will recieve a 15-25 minute audio recording of your psychic reading via email. 

You will also recieve a PDF with a photo of your card spread included, so you can see the visual of your cards while listening to your audio recording. 

Live - Video Call Psychic Reading Includes: 

A face to face video call psychic reading, to give you intuitive guidance, secrurity, support and direction in your life, challenges, purpose, family, relationships, business and all things life!

The reading is a highly intuitive and deep connected space of 30 minutes with me 1:1.

You will recieve a minimum of six tarot/oracle cards to be pulled through out your session. The reading is individualised and led through the soul, energy, and intuition that wants to come through and whatever messages you are needing at this time.

Sometimes there can be ALOT of flow through me and channeled from source/soul for you verbally, through hand gestures, and the feeling through our energy connection and spiritual organs. With others more cards may be want to be drawn as well if called for, but six is the minimum for this live video call reading. 

 You will also recieve a photo of your card spread after your video call reading. 

The card spread layout:

  • Past
  • Present
  • Probably/possible future
  • Hopes & fears
  • Final outcome 
  • Plus a bonus card:  called the overlaying card

If you would like guidance on a particular issue, challenge, question, relationship or area of your life, please add a note about this for me to tune into for you, otherwise you may want to trust and have an overall general reading and allow intuitively what messages want to come through for you, both are welcomed!

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