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Soul Healing Starter Package

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This 7 session soul healing starter package was created to bring us back to the essential parts of healing with our soul side and support from spirit, source, universe and higher self. 

    This soul starter package supports you to: 

    • Enhance trust in yourself, higher self, universe, and intuition
    • Heal, release and free childhood wounds and family/generational pass downs
    • Brings clarity and certainty into the conflicting descions in your life
    • Clear and protect your own energy and remove others energy from your space
    • Shadow integration and understanding our own dark and heavyness
    • Bringing in and increasing all the real and raw emotions and feelings, to be able to open more love, peace, acceptance, trust, certainty, and joy
    • Creates and strenghens the sense of safety, love, acceptance and self-worth

    Ask yourself these questions: 

    • Are you wanting to discover what spirituality means for you?
    • Are you on the fence but intrigued to look into intuitive healing and a new way of natural life and being?
    • Are you ready to heal from the inside > out?
    • Is it time to face the habits, cycles and repeating wounds in your life?
    • Do you want to re-find yourself and bring in your focused flow?
    • Are you ready to do the real raw internal work to open freedom, peace, confidence, certainty and love?
    • Are you ready to step into defining and exploring your life purpose and direction? 

    The Soul Healing Starter Package, is a simplified but powerful expansion for people to step into remembering, refreshing and exploring what spiritual and intuitive healing is for you! Learning some of the basic foundational healing tools and opportunities with deep intuitive guidance, safety and support with me! Over the course of 7 deep intuitive healing sessions, we dive into a safe, supportive, non-judgemental, and unconditionally loving space! 

    What do you get it: 

    • Session 1 - Psychic Reading 
    • Session 2 - Feeling, Grieving & Self-Care 
    • Session 3 - Energy Clearing 
    • Session 4 - Meeting & Connecting with your Spirit Guide
    • Session 5 - Inner Child Healing 
    • Session 6 - Wound Healing Process 
    • Session 7 - Shadow Integration & Healing
    • Soul Healing Starter Package EBook

    You also get the information packed “Soul Healing Starter Package” EBook to keep for life, to support you to be able to continue to use the tools, learning and self-led healing you have learnt, remembering and enlightened within yourself throughout the package 

    This course isn’t about me healing you, because darling YOU are your OWN authentic and magical healer! You have all the power of healing within you! You have all the answers in your deeply divine heart! 

    What I guide, support, and teach you and what is included in your sessions: 

    ✨Understanding what each of these “things” actually mean and opening the meaning they have individually for you 

    ✨Different approaches and ways of strengthening these 

    ✨Understanding and getting to know your true self deeper, how you work and your unique story 

    ✨Recalling your power back to you! 

    ✨Finding your voice again, standing in your truth, and embodying healthy boundaries 

    ✨We go through the healing, support and processes of each of the 7 intuitive processes together, why they are important and how you can use these to continue healing with yourself 

    This fiery soul healing starter package is for you if: 

    💥You are looking to embody the trust in yourself and your own intuitive gifts 

    💥 You are done with the quick fix approach to healing and you want to heal from the deepest of your core, the healing of life long change, happiness and dark and light harmony

    💥You are new to the idea of spirituality and intuitive healing and you want to explore if this stuff is for you or not 

    💥You have tried other approaches to mental health, emotional challenges, relationship issues, or feeling lost in life and don’t know why, and you still haven’t found something that’s worked for you yet 

    💥You are ready and willing to take the step and investment into your health, wellness and quality of life

    💥You are wanting deep guidance, support, and loving open space and energy to be held for you along your own healing road 

    If you are ready to listen to your intuition, your heart and the deepest truth inside you! If you are ready to make the choice to heal your soul! Click the button and let’s heal your life beautiful!


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