Everybody who has a body, can Dance!

When I dance I leave this world. I go, I go into my own place. Into this space where; I let go of everything, nothing matters, stress dissipates, there is no planning, no expectations and all parts of me are set free. 
I float into a tranquillity of ecstatic emotional release, unattached expression and euphoria.  
When we dance with no expectations on what we look like, whether it is "wrong" or "right" and letting go of all fear of what we may be judged for by self or others, that is when the magic starts to expand and sparkles start to shine! 
If we can learn and practice allowing our soul to be the dancer and our bodies to be the music, a sense of meditative peace begins to flow through us.
Moving our physical body, also moves our energy at the same time. Dance can be used in so many differing ways, styles, techniques and expressions. It can support to release a variety of things both physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally; e.g. trauma, stress of expectations, suppresed and trapped emotions within the body/energy, shame, old unserving stories and programming in the mind, limiting beliefs around body image and self-sabotage, pain and discomfort.
Through moving our bodies with or without music we are able to express ALL of our emotions; negative, positive, dark, light, masculine, feminine, deep, sensual, dramatic, slow, eratic, erotic, flowing, clunky, freedom, freak, anger/rage, vibrant and radiating!
So let's use this gift we have been given and feel into the language of dance together!

    Twerk Fitness is an all over body workout, that can be exciting, fun, free, silly and sensual all at once!

    Using a variety of techniques, heights, levels, speeds, and positions we use our hips, booty, legs to shake, wobble, move, feel sexy and loving with ourselves, and also know how to have a laugh along the way!

    Benefits of Twerk Fitness:

    cardio, breaking a sweat, toning, strengthening, co-oridnation, confidence, laughter, social community, weight lose, balance, shifting mood + state, self-worth, connecting to self, sexuality and sensuality, emotional and self expression, overall health, routine and commitment.

    Yes Please Maddie, I want to learn how to twerk!

    Emotive expression and creativity through dance heals us! This is where we choose to let go of expectations, the desire for our movements to "look good", "be right or correct". We choose to let go of the masculine, control, structure, and perfectionism!

    Benefits of dance therapy (But not limited to):

    Energy release. Increased flow in movement. Stress relief. Strenghening intuition. Release of trapped emotions in the body. Story telling. Exploration + Play. Creative expression. Self-acceptance. Healthy release of negative emotions like anger/rage, sadness/hurt. Relief from pain, tension and stiffness. Connection to self, body, soul. Meditative language. BEing in your truth, unapologitically. Learning to listen to your own body, cycle, emotions + needs. Opens imagination. Improved self-esteem + confidence.