I was so glad that I had engaged Madeline to do a reading for me. I love the way she was so insightful, respectful, compassionate and very on point. She tapped into what was going on for me at the time and gave me really helpful guidance on how to move through it. Thanks Maddie, you're amazing!!

-Tamara Turner

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Maddie in the mindset coaching programme. I found her energy and enthusiasm for life and everything that life has to offer amazing to witness. Maddie creates a space safe in which I felt seen and heard in a non-judgmental way. Through Maddie being vulnerable with her own journey, I found I could trust her and her work and realise we are all human with our ups and downs. The mindset work I found so beautiful like I was floating within my own world discovering more about myself and what was holding me back. I felt the mindset shifts subtle at first then over time realising the impact and ripple through my life as a whole. I feel more present within myself and my general awareness has increased, I feel more like my authentic self going forward from the work I did with Maddie.

   -Nectar Shishmanian, 38

I first met Madeline around 4 years ago when I joined one of her classes. I was lonely for female company, my self confidence was in tatters and I needed to shift a few kilos which didn't involve the gym, so I took a huge leap and signed up. It was really hard walking into that first class alone, due to my lack of self confidence. I was terrified that as the 'older chic' of the class that I would be ignored or even laughed at, boy was I wrong.... 

Madeline was so welcoming and friendly, and her positive attitude was refreshing. She is passionate and excited about what she teaches, and thorough in ensuring that she personally interacted with each of us. Maddie is a whirlwind of kindness and smiles, an absolute professional who gives 110% all of the time. It has been a few years since I took her twerk classes, but have followed her journey ever since. Her energy and kindness continues to inspire me!


I highly recommend working with Maddie.The card reading I received showed a true connection to my energy. I was able to gain so much understanding from events in the past and clarity for my future path.Maddie is a beautiful and kind soul who is very intuitive

-Renee Crittenden 

BTW!!! Your balm is fucking amazing. Not only has it gotten rid of each breakout within 2 days, I've also been testing it on things like blisters from wearing gumboots at work and holy!!! The blister was almost gone by the end of the day omg!


I met Maddie in March 2021 after I went looking for a Herpes Support Group. I remember Maddie telling me about her journey and how she’d accepted everything that had happened in her life. I remember wondering how she could do that. Due to having low self worth and other issues I decided to do her ‘Mind Transformation Course’. Due to doing the course I can now say that I love me, I love who I am and I accept my past, my childhood. The things that once caused me shame, no longer cause me shame. I look back on my childhood with love and can now see all the positives that had been hidden before due to the negatives. My journey towards healing and growth is still continuing, I am blessed to have supportive friends and mentors like Maddie in my life.

 -Tamara Whillans, 50

Hey Babe, so my salve arrived today, I put it on straight away because I’ve got a bit of thrush at the moment. It feels so much better already and it’s only been a few hours! Thank you so much!


Dear Maddie, 

It's no secret my struggle with mental health. I am not ashamed of it, I welcome conversations about it. In fact, 2020 for me despite Covid, I felt better than I can remember feeling in a long time. Going into 2021 I expected to keep climbing and continuing on that journey up out of the ashes of my former self, however 2021 has been exhausting and extremely hard in many ways. I fell back into a headspace of feeling overwhelmed and in a constant state of struggle. It seemed no matter the goals I smashed in my art and training, my self-worth and confidence was seeping out of me and I was powerless to stop it. I can’t remember exactly how I became Facebook friends with Maddie, I remember it being through a herpes support group that I ended up leaving due to lack of support and more judgement. I remained friends (Facebook) with Maddie, talking with her once after her diagnosis and struggle. I remember her asking advice on how to cope with her severe herpes outbreaks. Fast forward to mid 2021, where I was now gifted this opportunity to do this mindset course with Maddie. I had watched Maddie’s growth and admired her spirit and flare for life. In fact, I almost envied how she has surpassed me on her herpes recovery and seemingly effortlessly embraced it and who she is. I wanted her energy in my life and used to watch her dance and move in her videos in awe. So when she offered to have a chat with me, I accepted and never looked back! 

I believe that without this mindset course and Maddie’s Coaching and friendship I would have slipped further into that part of despair and depression. She has helped me slow down in moments of chaos and always come back to love, appreciation and gratitude. This course has helped me take back control of my thoughts and release my deepest insecurities. It has given me a new confidence in myself and my ability to face my future head on and keep a clear mind to be able to find gratitude in moments every day.

I may still be struggling as many people are but Maddie’s belief in me has never faulted even if my own belief in myself has. She has given me and shown me skills and tools to assist me and create a stronger version of myself. It’s like the depression, anger and anxiety I feel, is a dragon and the tools Maddie presents you with is the sword and armor in which to slay the dragon. It is a battle only you can fight but is now made easier with her support and guidance! I will forever be thankful for this opportunity as it has renewed hope and courage in my heart that I will carry with me into my future.

 -Love Ash, 30


WOW! I’ve got my mojo back!! All thanks to the amazing Maddie. Before I started I felt heavy and flat, defeated and hopeless with no obvious reason for feeling that way, I have an amazing husband, four beautiful - although at times challenging children (and thank goodness they’re that way or they wouldn’t be living/learning), a wonderful extended family and a job I like turning up to. Before going on this journey, I had no idea what to expect and honestly was scared and also thought there was no way I would feel any different by the end.

Maddie is so down to earth, beams light and makes you feel comfortable and at ease right away, even in our first session it was like talking with a friend. With each session I felt lighter and taller even when it had felt hard. By the beginning of the last session I felt so different, incredible, I was floating on happiness, positivity and self-love, by the end of the session I was beaming, it’s actually really hard to explain how I was feeling. It is just amazing, I felt whole and true happiness. A few weeks have passed since my Maddie experience and I can honestly say life is moving in the direction I want it to. I am finally the driver of my life, my feelings, my emotions. Forever grateful to Maddie for this opportunity.

-Karen Fife

I have used The ointment to heal when I had my bout of thrush and wow the pain and itching is soothed right away and relieved the symptoms.  Highly recommend it.  Also still trying on kids faces so far so good 3days in . Thanks Maddie 😊

-Nikki Fuller

Maddie is a vibrant friend, full of energy, is very welcoming, and understanding without judgements. She's helped me flip my mindset from staying in my shitty emotions and mood, into a mindset of choosing more positive outlooks on the situation and my day. She guided me to understand that my emotions create my reality, set my mood for the day and the tone for my life.

Maddie helped me find a way to use and release my negative emotions in a healthy way. This was inspired by her emotional expression and connection through dance. Maddie makes people feel more confident in jumping outside of their comfort zone, nothing great ever comes from staying inside your comfort zone. If you are feeling stuck, not moving forward or feel like you've hit rock bottom. I highly recommend diving into Maddie's mindset coaching course. It will change the way you think, feel and approach day to day challenges. It has  completely changed my life! If I hadn't discovered Maddie and her journey I wouldn't be who I am or where I am today. 

I have come a long way, but I know I still have a lot more learning and growing to do. I love and appreciate what you are doing, thank you for having a major impact on me and everyone around you!

 -Caitlin Bennett, 22

I gave Maddie's Coaching a go thinking I could unlock something new and that is something I definitely did. But it wasn't something new to a lot of other people but was new for me. Maddie has been very supportive of me and what I want to achieve and helped me change the way I think about things. The skills and self development I have gone through with Maddie has been amazing. She is passionate about what she does, and passionate about helping people get to the next part in what they want to achieve.

-Anonymous, Male

Entering a Twerk class for the first time for me was nerve wracking! I had a low self-esteem, didn’t like most parts of my body & I was scared of judgement from others! I entered the class & met Madeline, my teacher. Instantly, Madeline was welcoming, and made me feel relaxed & comfortable. As classes went on Madeline taught me to be proud of my womanhood and to love my body, & love who I am! I grew so much confidence & never missed a class! I even started to represent & wear the Twerk shorts, Yes! 

Maddie is a supportive, motivating, exciting, bright, fun, dedicated and most of all encouraging teacher! We became a unit of woman who were always happy and supportive of each other!! Thank you Madeline for your time & lovely words of encouragement you shared with me! I learnt a lot from you & met so many amazing woman! You helped me to understand my worth, love all of me & I have ever since! The classes gave me utmost confidence & I grew a lot from them!

-Denise, 41

I highly recommend working 1 on 1 with Maddie and entering her vortex.

Maddie held me when I couldnt hold myself and guided me back to my life force energy.

I am so thankful to have worked with such a raw and gentle person with so much kick ass. A space of love, work and authenticity!

The biggest results I achieved since we started working together, have been the re-ignition of my flame, more trust in self, and authenticity.

The thing I liked best about working with Maddie was the energy and the space she held, how I was guided through being self-led, and the feeling of being heard.

-Alex Diaz 

Maddie shows absolute professionalism while creating a safe space for you to relax and open up, while doing a reading she showed true raw emotion making it feel more comfortable for me to take in everything being said i felt safe to take my time and really feel this, as she goes at your pace and isnt rushed so you get to really connect with yourself.

Her ointment i cannot recommend this enough for anyone suffering with anything major or minor to their skin. She has put so much thought into the ingredients, truely is my go to!!

Maddie as a person i have seen so much growth a person who loves what she does and who she is no better place to go for any questions.

-Topeora Anneff    

Just thought I would send a message to thank you for your salve! I had a bit of an outbreak come up on monday night…I applied the ointment twice during the day and it has cleared up!? I have never had that happen that quick and it really did help with the pain as well..The consistency is perfect too! It also didn’t sting like the rest of the ointments I have tried which is a win for me


My time with Madeline during my reading was amazing, It really helped me put things that I have been questioning into a better perspective. And finally, I can say things are now going forwards since we've spoken about it. All in divine timing.

Thank you again, I will be booking again soon xxxx


Maddie created a peaceful and safe space for our eveing woman's circle. I felt welcomed and accepted.

I was gently encouraged to explore, to reflect and to contemplate my sense of self.

I felt enveloped in warmth & love and connected with the other Woman in the group.


The reading was so accurate and it resonates with me, I am thankful

-Thoko Khumalo

Since doing the 21 day life shifter. I feel like I am more grounded and more sure within myself that I can do things. I feel I have improved within myself.

Setting boundaries and really listening to what my intuition is telling me. I have been put in old situations as of recent weeks, and I have had the ability to say no and not chase men in particular haha and not do the things that do not resonate with me anymore.

I feel like I'm still growing but now I have lots of incredible and helpful resources to keep moving forward.

The best thing I enjoyed about working with Maddie was the ease and flow of being able to talk to her about anything and without feeling any judgement at all.


Heya I had the absolute pleasure in having Maddie as my twerk instructor. She is so amazing and friendly. Her bubbly personality was very welcoming and while I am a little bigger she made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I love that she acknowledged that we’re all different shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful in our own ways. Her twerk classes were so fun and are definitely a vibe. I HIGHLY recommend these classes may seem silly to others but I swear this is a hard out workout with her and then go out and dance my arse off. It's absolutely fun and at least I know I look good when I go out for a dance.


The first time I meet Maddie a few months ago I was drawn to her open hearted energy. She is a woman of compassion with a passion to guide others one a healing journey. So when she announced she was doing a intuitive women’s circle I knew I had to go. It was Madeline’s eyes that draw me to her presents and her quest that aligned and resonate with me so deeply. So I traveled from Tauranga to the Hibiscus Coast on a winters day. The night was stormy as we sat in our circle chatting and connecting, meditating, dancing, sharing and participating with our whole bodies in the practices Maddie had activated within ourselves on a deep level of awareness and passion shared by all. I experienced warmth, compassion, unconditional love, sisterhood, joy, laughter, connection, deep conversation, movement, insights and versions of myself that were new and curious. I continue to unpack the version of self that I discovered and embrace what was. Most of all I would highly recommend Madeline and her offerings to anyone on a spiritual path of enlightenment, healing, curiosity, sisterhood, guidance, unconditional love, and all the juiciness that is birthed during these experiences along side  true mastering of Maddie’s gifts. Which is how I believe Maddie to be. 
Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! gorgeous goddess Madeline Lee, and most of all bless you for our sisterhood connection.
Much love to you always. 

Oh my goodness! Where do I start? Did I shift? NO MADDIE I QUANTUM LEAPED!!!

  • I took action in my business
  • Refined my offerings and target audience where I can offer the most juicy service to that lights me the hell up!
  • I created a website for my business and smashed the belief of "I'm not tech savvy I can't do that"
  • I made a new logo, fb banner, offerings on canva, refined my group and took it from public to private
  • Created a branding and action plan
  • Healed some deep wounding in my family dynamics having direct and powerfully healing OPEN conversations with loved ones
  • Birthed new more potent offerings
  • Worked on money mindset
  • Started doing daily self care again
  • Ran my own 7 day challenge AND IT WAS LIT 🔥
  • AND probably more things but that's what I've got right now but so much, all the things, on every layer!

-Starsinski Beinala

My reason for having mindset training with Maddie is due to a great deal of terrible circumstances and continuation of challenging obstacles from trauma in my life that will potentially continue for years to come. Since undergoing this course with Maddie I now take time to think and respond when faced with these challenges. Rather than react with anxiety, anger or sadness. My trauma no longer plagued me in everyday life and only sits in the background. I am able to refocus my attention on the things that matter. My family, my goals in life and my everyday happiness.



I’m am so grateful to know Maddie in a professional sense and also as a friend.

She is such an amazing person to talk to when I’m going through a hard time and life is just getting a little to much. She creates such a safe, nonjudgmental, honest, and welcoming space to talk.

Maddie's tarot card readings are unbelievably mind blowing. Her intuition and ability submerged herself in the energy gives such an accurate reading. My reading was such an eye opener for me and definitely what I needed. I am now realigning myself, my life and accepting the guidance of the cards with both hands. I’ll definitely be getting another in future.


Thank you maddie for all you are doing, not only for me but for everyone in world.

-Toia Mulligan 

"Hi Beautiful, are you still doing your magic balm? My bubba is starting to get eczema with this heat and my mum swears by the balm!"

"My girl makes these natural balms with Kawakawa that are really good for eczema. She's about to send me some. Did you want some?"


Your reading was on point with so much of it all. The expansion that you spoke of through what I was going through, I have felt this the whole time throughout, though only in the last few weeks I’ve crashed and burned alittle but your reading kept popping into my mind, your words where such a good reminder for me to go back onto and help get me through it’s been huge! I loved the cycles cards too and AA Haniel, this was a huge reminder of the depths of who I am and how important these moon cycles are for me, how so much happens on them and how honoring it truly is I don’t get my menstrual cycles anymore, but even though we don’t experience this physically, there’s still the energetics behind it all and it’s so powerful so I really appreciated the confirmation in it all for me . Your reading was just perfect, you truly have a gift of being able to connect and deliver a beautiful, meaning, heartfelt message and I can’t thank you enough!

-Kirsty Johnston