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A Free Guide To Understanding Your Herpes Body

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A free resource to support people living with the herpes virus. To better understand and learn about your body , the virus, your triggers, symptoms, and how you can live more easefully with relieving and healing treatments. Because you are worth it all, beautiful soul!

  •  Learning and getting to understand your body and the relationship your body has with the herpes virus 
  • Symptoms tracking 
  • Possible/probable triggers tracking 
  • Relief & healing treatment tracking
  • Other considerations to be aware of  
  • Supporting you to minimize the severity and frequency of your outbreaks
  • Helping you to heal faster and work towards preventing outbreaks, triggers and the running yourself down

Something I wish I had been told and supported to dig deeper with at the start of my Herpes disgnoses was learning about and getting to know my Herpes Body. Looking at my holistic health, what set me off and caused the drag on of outbreaks for the first 6 months to a year. 

I created this free resource, to support you on your Herpes journey to get to know yourself, your emotions, your body, symptoms, and the journey you are on to healing and sparking the joy, laughter, fun and adventure back into your vibe and life! 

I love you, keep being the magic soul that you are!


x x x 

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