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1:1 Herpes Support (30 min call or message)

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30 minute support call or 30 minutes support messaging with Madeline Lee 

Are you newly diagnosed with the herpes and you don't know where to start? 

maybe you have lived with the herpes virus for a long time but been in a long term relationship?

maybe the virus/stigma/shame has not surfaced until now and recently the impact and signs keep coming up for you over and over again to dig deeper, learn more about your body, the virus, stigma, shame, fear, sex, intimacy, self-worth?

You may be wanting to have more open, vulnerable and conscious conversations with yourself and others?

Well beautiful soul, l am here to support you!

***Ask me anything herpes, life and herpes life related!?*** 

Some things we can cover but there are no limits:

  • Herpes facts and education 
  • Support and guidance with how to disclose to a partner
  • Physical symptoms + management
  • Natural tips + remedies
  • Breaking through fear, hurt, shame + stigma
  • Support resources
  • Sex, relationships, intimacy, self-pleasure and self-care
  • Supplements, medication and treatments 
  • Lifestyle, nutrition, food, hydration and sleep 
  • Stress impact and management
  • Mindset, self-talk, healing code practises, affirmations of healing physical through mind, body and soul
  • Minimizing risk, safer sex, protection and prevention 
  • Diagnosis, labels, testing and understanding it all!
  • Discovering your personal triggers and prodome symptoms
  • How illness/herpes presents through our physical body through connection of deeper core meaning with our suppressed emotions, past, generational pass down etc (the more intuitive, holistic and spiritual approach)

and so much more...

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