The Vibe Tribe

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*****LAUNCHING 9th September 2023*****

The Vibe Tribe  - The membership community that gives the vibe of your freaking life! 

What you'll get: 

  • Monthly Vibe Tribe Trainings
  • Monthly Live Intuitive Hot-Seat Coaching 
  • Monthly Resources 
  • Access to The Vibe Tribe support space 
  • Access to The Vibe Tribe members community 
  • Intuitive pop up mentoring, healership and channeled messages

Bonus gifts: 

  • Access to my Find Your Flow, mini mindset transformation course
  • Access to my Money Magic Bundle
  • My Soul Healing Starter Package WorkBook 
  • Access to any intuitively called content that channels through me into our space while you are in the community (We trust the flow in The Vibe Tribe! you never know what will birth!) 

 What types of things go on inside The Vibe Tribe Community:

  • Healing by Feeling
  • Business Coaching 
  • Social Media
  • Learning emotional expression, release and mastery
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Self-care, balance, flow and filling your cup!
  • Course Creation
  • Creating the life of more freedom, peace, pleasure, abundance and love 
  • Website & Platforms
  • The Vibe Tribe community, that you are welcomed to bring all of your natural self into.
  • Technology Apps
  • Content Creation
  • Life Purpose Alignment
  • Creating Programs + Courses
  • Money Mindset and Frequency 
  • Relationships with self and others
  • Magnetisium and Law of attraction 
  • Energy Healing, Protection + Clearing
  • Health and wellness 
  • Emotional healing 
  • Metaphysical Anatomy 
  • Creating consisitency 
  • Money Mindset and Vibration 

What you get to feel with The Vibe Tribe:

  • #1 A fucking VIBE!
  • Community 
  • Laughter
  • Connection 
  • Authentic Essence!
  • Discipline 
  • Action taking 
  • Expression 
  • Safety 
  • Joy & Fun 
  • Trust 
  • Confidence 
  • Healing 
  • Proseperity 
  • Creation and Creativity 
  • Self-Awareness 

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